We love it when creatives come together. Last weekend we had the pleasure of enjoying such an experience. We got a call about a project where a bunch of photographers, stylists and models were uniting around an amazing upcoming street ware brand to shoot in the Nairobi city centre. Naturally we were interested and intrigued.

Cut to a few days later on the afternoon of the shoot. By the time we showed up it was high drama at it's best. The shoot was running late, a few of the photographers on the project had been detailed by 5.0 for shooting in front of a government building, and it seemed like the whole thing was going to have to shut down.

To be honest, we were apprehensive. There might or might not have been a discussion about forgetting about the whole thing and getting the "hell out of Dodge". But artistic integrity, and freedom of expression prevailed and after our colleagues had been liberated, we carried on... And we're glad we did.

The combination of gorgeous models, fantastic tees, amazing styling and a bright and beautiful Nairobi afternoon resulted in a perfect cocktail of creativity and collaboration.

When it was all said and done, everyone had an amazing time and some beautiful connections were made. That would have been enough; everyone was happy. We all had expressed ourselves, we'd meet interesting and inspirational people, we'd gone up against 'the man' and come out unscathed... It was high energy and satisfaction all round

Then a few of us decided to hang around, enjoy some delicious burgers and wait for the sun to go down... and more magic happened.

A fun time was had by all. Special thanks to our stylist and main chick Lucy Robi, our models Wangui Ngugi, Justine Mbugua, and Wanjeri, Bongosawa Republik, and Musa Omusi for putting the whole thing together.

Till next time FAM... Bless