Halloween... The one day children and adults get to dress up without judgement (well unless you dress up reeeeaaaallllyy inappropriately) and most importantly, get high on sugar; even doctors and dentists give you a pass. Considering we at Phocus get sugar highs on a consistent basis we figured we'd focus on the other side of Halloween... Makeup! We just needed three things: 1st A Halloween inspired concept, 2nd a very talented makeup artist/ body painter and 3rd the right model for job

The first part was easy enough, what could be cooler than crystal skull paint job inspired by the day of the dead holiday celebrated in Latin America around Halloween? Nothing right? The second part was more challenging but we managed to find a super talented makeup artist who was on board to help us out. As for the model, we already had someone in mind who we thought would be perfect for the role. Everything else after that fell into place

Our artist for the day was the amazing Grace Murema, body painter and special effects guru,  5 foot something of pure talent. As for our model we turned to the one and only Niki Behr, model, actress, archer... yes you read that right,no typo there. Once we we're all together it was time to get to work, a big thank you to Niki who shot this little video of the process...


Once the makeup was done, our one and only Lucy Robi was also on hand to style the whole look together, and boy were we ecstatic with the results


At the end of the shoot an idea was put forward involving rose petals... lots of rose petals... 

Rose petal wrangling aside, this turned out to be one of our favourite shoots and it is why we love what we do, and we owe it all to the amazing and talented ladies (now dubbed 'Phocus Angels') who helped put it all together. Can't wait for next Halloween!

And don't  be afraid to read up on The day of the dead which is not as mystifying or scary as it may sound. If anything, it helps reflect and celebrate those who may not be with us but will never be forgotten, and maybe, to also appreciate those around us at the moment. Live and love! Take care all


Model: Niki Behr

Make-up: Grace Murema

Styling: Lucy Robi

Rose petal wranglers: Phocus Photograhy