Theluscious Theluji

House of Theluji is one of those brands that all hip, happening cats (such as yourself of course) should know about. Created by one miss Ciru Kayanda, this unique brand of hard-edged Afrocentric jewelry is slowly growing in popularity especially in the local celebrity scene 

Chic, current, fresh and loads of other superlatives can easily be used to describe House of Theluji, but our favorite is probably 'Theluscious'... Give it time, it will catch on... probably...

Check out more on the story of Theluji (and what that word means... (i know you are as curious as we were) in this article by Couture Africa 

We can't wait to see where this brand goes cause we are pretty sure it's on an upward trajectory. Great work Ciru, we are championing you all the way, while rocking our Theluscious chains

Photography: Phocus Photography