Class Act

Infectious... that's the first thought that comes to mind when describing our 'mwalimu'....  wait lemme explain... You can tell when Rachel is in the building as her positive vibes radiate instantly and have you experiencing what can only be described as a case of feel-good-itis. She spreads the same infection over the radio airwaves inducing a mutual and welcome wave affection that has seen the growth of one of the country's most loyal fan bases. And it's easy to see why. Fun, bubbly and a great personality; it's always a pleasure to be around this lovely infectious lady.


Radio personality, TV show hostess, Emcee, all around genuinely great human being and more you can now follow her story on her website  

And make sure to tune into  Homeboyz radio 103.5 Monday to friday 1pm - 4pm to catch the fever... the kind you won't mind having for a really long time

Photography: Phocus Photography

Make Up and styling: Lucy Robi