This is happening...

So recently i received a text from Steve of Phocus photography, and this is how the conversation went......

Needless to say it took a while for me to recover.... It would be an hour or so before i replied. Now people get engaged all the time, that is nothing new... but this was Steve....

Not to say i didn't think that he'd ever get married.. or is that what i'm saying ...? 🤔

Not sure exactly how to answer that question that i have posed myself, but knowing Steve i just assumed he was joking as he usually does, so it took a while to decipher whether or not he truly was telling the truth or not.... 

After hours of him trying to convince me i decided to play along, and agreed to an engagement shoot for him

"Wow he's really taking this prank seriously..." i thought to myself, "It's ok, i'll play along, but he's not fooling me!"

It wasn't a prank...

Our boy is getting MARRIED!! (again, not to sound SO surprised but...)

Now i believed that I was the only one who thought that Steve might be pulling my leg but turns out that a large majority of people whom he shared this news with had a similarly hard time believing him, so as proof to them (and myself again) here are Steve and his lovely fiance Fatoumata's official engagement photos, Congratulations to you both



Halloween... The one day children and adults get to dress up without judgement (well unless you dress up reeeeaaaallllyy inappropriately) and most importantly, get high on sugar; even doctors and dentists give you a pass. Considering we at Phocus get sugar highs on a consistent basis we figured we'd focus on the other side of Halloween... Makeup! We just needed three things: 1st A Halloween inspired concept, 2nd a very talented makeup artist/ body painter and 3rd the right model for job

The first part was easy enough, what could be cooler than crystal skull paint job inspired by the day of the dead holiday celebrated in Latin America around Halloween? Nothing right? The second part was more challenging but we managed to find a super talented makeup artist who was on board to help us out. As for the model, we already had someone in mind who we thought would be perfect for the role. Everything else after that fell into place

Our artist for the day was the amazing Grace Murema, body painter and special effects guru,  5 foot something of pure talent. As for our model we turned to the one and only Niki Behr, model, actress, archer... yes you read that right,no typo there. Once we we're all together it was time to get to work, a big thank you to Niki who shot this little video of the process...


Once the makeup was done, our one and only Lucy Robi was also on hand to style the whole look together, and boy were we ecstatic with the results


At the end of the shoot an idea was put forward involving rose petals... lots of rose petals... 

Rose petal wrangling aside, this turned out to be one of our favourite shoots and it is why we love what we do, and we owe it all to the amazing and talented ladies (now dubbed 'Phocus Angels') who helped put it all together. Can't wait for next Halloween!

And don't  be afraid to read up on The day of the dead which is not as mystifying or scary as it may sound. If anything, it helps reflect and celebrate those who may not be with us but will never be forgotten, and maybe, to also appreciate those around us at the moment. Live and love! Take care all


Model: Niki Behr

Make-up: Grace Murema

Styling: Lucy Robi

Rose petal wranglers: Phocus Photograhy

Theluscious Theluji

House of Theluji is one of those brands that all hip, happening cats (such as yourself of course) should know about. Created by one miss Ciru Kayanda, this unique brand of hard-edged Afrocentric jewelry is slowly growing in popularity especially in the local celebrity scene 

Chic, current, fresh and loads of other superlatives can easily be used to describe House of Theluji, but our favorite is probably 'Theluscious'... Give it time, it will catch on... probably...

Check out more on the story of Theluji (and what that word means... (i know you are as curious as we were) in this article by Couture Africa 

We can't wait to see where this brand goes cause we are pretty sure it's on an upward trajectory. Great work Ciru, we are championing you all the way, while rocking our Theluscious chains

Photography: Phocus Photography


Class Act

Infectious... that's the first thought that comes to mind when describing our 'mwalimu'....  wait lemme explain... You can tell when Rachel is in the building as her positive vibes radiate instantly and have you experiencing what can only be described as a case of feel-good-itis. She spreads the same infection over the radio airwaves inducing a mutual and welcome wave affection that has seen the growth of one of the country's most loyal fan bases. And it's easy to see why. Fun, bubbly and a great personality; it's always a pleasure to be around this lovely infectious lady.


Radio personality, TV show hostess, Emcee, all around genuinely great human being and more you can now follow her story on her website  

And make sure to tune into  Homeboyz radio 103.5 Monday to friday 1pm - 4pm to catch the fever... the kind you won't mind having for a really long time

Photography: Phocus Photography

Make Up and styling: Lucy Robi

Snapstunt Photography

Earlier this week a young up and coming photographer, a friend of phocus dropped by the studio. With a couple of his friend in tow, Stephen went on to take some great images that day. Stephen Lianda Mukilima is the owner of Snapstunt photography and is just getting started in his career, a career which shows great promise.

Ok my phone's camera isn't great but you get the idea

Young, energetic and most importantly talented, we definitely think that he's one to look out for in the future. Don't believe me? I'll let his work speak for itself

Great work from another up-and-comer Silver. You'll definitely be seeing more of her in the future

Pauline was a little shy about being in front of the lens... Don't knows why, check out some of the results

From model portfolios, weddings, family portraits to corporate functions, feel free to check out more from Snapstunt photography. We know we can't wait to see how far they'll go, and we're with them all the way


Images ©snapstunt photography


We love it when creatives come together. Last weekend we had the pleasure of enjoying such an experience. We got a call about a project where a bunch of photographers, stylists and models were uniting around an amazing upcoming street ware brand to shoot in the Nairobi city centre. Naturally we were interested and intrigued.

Cut to a few days later on the afternoon of the shoot. By the time we showed up it was high drama at it's best. The shoot was running late, a few of the photographers on the project had been detailed by 5.0 for shooting in front of a government building, and it seemed like the whole thing was going to have to shut down.

To be honest, we were apprehensive. There might or might not have been a discussion about forgetting about the whole thing and getting the "hell out of Dodge". But artistic integrity, and freedom of expression prevailed and after our colleagues had been liberated, we carried on... And we're glad we did.

The combination of gorgeous models, fantastic tees, amazing styling and a bright and beautiful Nairobi afternoon resulted in a perfect cocktail of creativity and collaboration.

When it was all said and done, everyone had an amazing time and some beautiful connections were made. That would have been enough; everyone was happy. We all had expressed ourselves, we'd meet interesting and inspirational people, we'd gone up against 'the man' and come out unscathed... It was high energy and satisfaction all round

Then a few of us decided to hang around, enjoy some delicious burgers and wait for the sun to go down... and more magic happened.

A fun time was had by all. Special thanks to our stylist and main chick Lucy Robi, our models Wangui Ngugi, Justine Mbugua, and Wanjeri, Bongosawa Republik, and Musa Omusi for putting the whole thing together.

Till next time FAM... Bless

Golden Touch

It's fascinating where an ideas stem from, and how plans come together. A couple of weeks ago our girl Adelle pointed us towards a great song by V. Bozeman called 'Race Jones'. For all you Empire fans out there, you may recognize her as the beautiful lady with an amazing set of pipes in the first scene of the first episode of the series. The video to her song is just as powerful as her voice, peep this:

Needless to say we absolutely fell in love with this beautiful soul, and this video.

"We should do this" was the consensus. So that's what we set out to do. After a quick search for body paints, and after bullying our good friend Lucy Robi into being our model, we got to work

Never having done body painting before, we were pretty happy with the results

We even tried a creepy one inspired by the Japanese horror classic 'Ringu' (the ring)

We really had fun with this, and a big shout out to Lucy Robi for being such good sport. We've definitely caught the the body paint bug, so keep an eye out for more coming soon. Take care!

Maybelline is Marisin

Hey fam. If you've not been paying attention the "No. 1 cosmetic company in the world" Maybelline New York has established a presence in Kenya. They recently announced that world class makeup artist, and friend of Phocus Muthoni Njomba is their Brand Ambassador. As part of their launch they're looking for The Face of Maybelline Kenya. Enter Marisin...

Marisin aka Cynthia Soy is an intelligent, gorgeous, funny and charismatic human being. She wants to be the face of Maybelline because she believes "it's an opportunity to empower women through beauty and make-up" 

She exudes confidence, beauty and authenticity in a way that is all the more impressive because of her humility and good humour. We think she perfectly fits the profile for the Face of Maybelline 

So if you agree… and we think you might… here’s what you need to do; Go to her profile page on the competition website,, register, and give her a vote or 10 so that she can win the competition. 

Also check her out on Instagram. We wish you all the best Cyn.

when work is fun

A few weeks ago TV and Radio personality Adelle Onyango came through to the studio for a shoot and we had a blast. In fact the day of the shoot we had a typical Nairobi blackout at the studio so we sat down for hours just shooting the sh..  

She gave away a bunch of her #teamADELLE branded swag through an ingenious competition that had her fans give their own definitions of "beauty", "success" and "you" (themselves). The answers that were given were both touching and inspirational. 

We're old friends and obviously huge fans... cant wait till the next time she comes through

Check out all her stuff here

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and of course her Blog where the sista throws down some pretty sic word-paintings